genealogy of the Page & Dumroese families
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Chicago, Cook County, Illinois


Tree: Page-Dumroese
Latitude: 41.8500000, Longitude: -87.6500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Troike, Wilmar Carl  25 Mar 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I245 Page-Dumroese 
2 Troike, William Albert  25 Sep 1888Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I243 Page-Dumroese 
3 Troike, Unknown  3 May 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2372 Page-Dumroese 
4 Troike, Gertrude  16 Jan 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I244 Page-Dumroese 
5 Stenzel, Erna  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I987 Page-Dumroese 
6 Schourek, Edward  1899Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59 Page-Dumroese 
7 Reppin, Marie  1888Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2693 Page-Dumroese 
8 Rahlf, Louise  23 Feb 1869Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2664 Page-Dumroese 
9 Polkow, Alma Louise  6 Jan 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I53 Page-Dumroese 
10 Oehme, Frederick Herman  5 Aug 1896Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
11 Mroch, Rudolph  Oct 1887Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I106 Page-Dumroese 
12 Mroch, Reinhold Gustav Albert  24 Aug 1893Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I107 Page-Dumroese 
13 Mroch, Paul Herman Ferdinand  25 Mar 1889Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1549 Page-Dumroese 
14 Mroch, Otto Karl August  29 Aug 1883Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I100 Page-Dumroese 
15 Mroch, Olga Emilie Karoline  8 Sep 1899Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I102 Page-Dumroese 
16 Mroch, Martha Alwina  26 May 1886Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I105 Page-Dumroese 
17 Mroch, Julius Max Ludwig  29 Dec 1890Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1550 Page-Dumroese 
18 Mroch, Hulda  Jun 1897Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104 Page-Dumroese 
19 Mroch, Grace Adeline  25 Dec 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2697 Page-Dumroese 
20 Mroch, Elvera  3 Dec 1909Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2371 Page-Dumroese 
21 Mroch, Elsie Henriette Adeline  9 Jan 1901Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I103 Page-Dumroese 
22 Mroch, Augusta  Feb 1885Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I101 Page-Dumroese 
23 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  18 Jul 1895Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
24 Mroch, Arnold  10 Sep 1905Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2370 Page-Dumroese 
25 Michael, Edward  1894Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I58 Page-Dumroese 
26 Krukaw, Alfred A.  Abt 1895Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I112 Page-Dumroese 
27 Kressmann, Willert Frank  31 Oct 1914Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I121 Page-Dumroese 
28 Kressmann, Lawrence Marvin Otto  4 Oct 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I122 Page-Dumroese 
29 Kressmann, Frank Alfred Clarence  24 Jun 1927Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I123 Page-Dumroese 
30 Kraft, Martha E.  6 Mar 1893Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I228 Page-Dumroese 
31 Kraft, Lillie Johanna  27 Aug 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I230 Page-Dumroese 
32 Kraft, Gertrude Minnie  23 Oct 1894Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I27 Page-Dumroese 
33 Kraft, Emma  25 May 1904Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I232 Page-Dumroese 
34 Kraft, Edna Louise Elizabeth Henrietta  27 Aug 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I231 Page-Dumroese 
35 Kraft, Doris Louise  28 Dec 1911Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I233 Page-Dumroese 
36 Kraft, Arthur Louis  29 Aug 1896Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I229 Page-Dumroese 
37 Kempf, Reinhold  16 Aug 1897Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I81 Page-Dumroese 
38 Kempf, Mathilde  Aug 1898Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I82 Page-Dumroese 
39 Kempf, Martha Albertine  29 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I83 Page-Dumroese 
40 Kempf, Hermann D.F.  Aug 1892Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I74 Page-Dumroese 
41 Kempf, Ernest E.O.  Sep 1897Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I76 Page-Dumroese 
42 Guentzburger, Raymond  1904Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2768 Page-Dumroese 
43 Guentzburger, Lillie  Abt Mar 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2770 Page-Dumroese 
44 Guentzburger, Elsie  15 Jan 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I51 Page-Dumroese 
45 Guentzburger, Clara  1905Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2769 Page-Dumroese 
46 Ernst, Viola Meta Margaretha  4 Feb 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1538 Page-Dumroese 
47 Ernst, Lillian Lehna Auguste  17 Aug 1908Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1537 Page-Dumroese 
48 Ernst, Kenneth  3 Jul 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2352 Page-Dumroese 
49 Ernst, Friedrich J.  14 Jul 1880Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I50 Page-Dumroese 
50 Edwards, Leonard Frederick  29 Nov 1926Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I237 Page-Dumroese 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ziegler, Bert  1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I658 Page-Dumroese 
2 Troike, William Albert  30 Sep 1951Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I243 Page-Dumroese 
3 Troike, Unknown  4 May 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2372 Page-Dumroese 
4 Troike, Hermann  5 Nov 1908Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2357 Page-Dumroese 
5 Troike, Gertrude  17 Jan 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I244 Page-Dumroese 
6 Senger, Albert  29 May 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2690 Page-Dumroese 
7 Rahlf, Louise  15 Oct 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2664 Page-Dumroese 
8 Oehme, Herman G.  11 Oct 1935Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2663 Page-Dumroese 
9 Mroch, Paul Herman Ferdinand  5 Jan 1891Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1549 Page-Dumroese 
10 Mroch, Olga Emilie Karoline  22 Dec 1902Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I102 Page-Dumroese 
11 Mroch, Julius Max Ludwig  31 Jul 1891Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1550 Page-Dumroese 
12 Mroch, Grace Adeline  21 Aug 1926Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2697 Page-Dumroese 
13 Mroch, Ferdinand  14 Dec 1937Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
14 Mroch, Elvera  12 Jul 1911Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2371 Page-Dumroese 
15 Krukaw, Earl  2 Jun 1936Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2692 Page-Dumroese 
16 Krause, Louise A.  21 Apr 1926Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I31 Page-Dumroese 
17 Kraft, Martha E.  19 Oct 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I228 Page-Dumroese 
18 Kolley, Emily C.  21 May 1990Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2366 Page-Dumroese 
19 Kempf, Hermina  15 Sep 1934Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2689 Page-Dumroese 
20 Kempf, Gustav J.  22 May 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1076 Page-Dumroese 
21 Kempf, Edward F.W.  19 Feb 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I42 Page-Dumroese 
22 Kasten, Ernest  6 Apr 1912Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I262 Page-Dumroese 
23 Graumitz, Louise  24 Nov 1901Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1005 Page-Dumroese 
24 Ernst, Kenneth  4 Jul 1923Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2352 Page-Dumroese 
25 Dumroese, Selma Augusta Mathilda  12 Dec 1958Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I45 Page-Dumroese 
26 Dumroese, Naomi Edna  7 Dec 1919Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I28 Page-Dumroese 
27 Dumroese, Mathilde  16 Nov 1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I37 Page-Dumroese 
28 Dumroese, Martha Marie  Apr 1973Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I67 Page-Dumroese 
29 Dumroese, Ludwig  14 Sep 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I32 Page-Dumroese 
30 Dumroese, Karl  22 Aug 1906Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I62 Page-Dumroese 
31 Dumroese, Julius  22 Mar 1907Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I38 Page-Dumroese 
32 Dumroese, Infant  22 Dec 1897Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1542 Page-Dumroese 
33 Dumroese, Infant  1897Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1009 Page-Dumroese 
34 Dumroese, Edward W.  8 May 1934Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I30 Page-Dumroese 
35 Dumroese, Bertha  18 Apr 1898Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1543 Page-Dumroese 
36 Christoffer, Henriette  5 Jul 1911Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I33 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rahlf, Louise  17 Oct 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2664 Page-Dumroese 
2 Dumroese, Caroline Wilhelmina  21 Jun 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I35 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dumroese, Walter Hermann  25 Jul 1896Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I66 Page-Dumroese 
2 Dumroese, Martha Marie  7 Dec 1894Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I67 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rahlf, Louise  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2664 Page-Dumroese 
2 Rahlf, Louise  1 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2664 Page-Dumroese 
3 Oehme, Lucy A.  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2651 Page-Dumroese 
4 Oehme, Lucy A.  1 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2651 Page-Dumroese 
5 Oehme, Herman G.  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2663 Page-Dumroese 
6 Oehme, Herman G.  1 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2663 Page-Dumroese 
7 Oehme, Frederick Herman  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
8 Oehme, Frederick Herman  1 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
9 Mroch, Rudolph  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I106 Page-Dumroese 
10 Mroch, Reinhold Gustav Albert  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I107 Page-Dumroese 
11 Mroch, Otto Karl August  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I100 Page-Dumroese 
12 Mroch, Olga Emilie Karoline  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I102 Page-Dumroese 
13 Mroch, Martha Alwina  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I105 Page-Dumroese 
14 Mroch, Hulda  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104 Page-Dumroese 
15 Mroch, Hulda  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104 Page-Dumroese 
16 Mroch, Ferdinand  3 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
17 Mroch, Ferdinand  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
18 Mroch, Elsie Henriette Adeline  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I103 Page-Dumroese 
19 Mroch, Augusta  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I101 Page-Dumroese 
20 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
21 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
22 Dumroese, Ludwig  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I32 Page-Dumroese 
23 Dumroese, Edward W.  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I30 Page-Dumroese 
24 Christoffer, Henriette  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I33 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Troike, William Albert  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I243 Page-Dumroese 
2 Troike, William Albert  27 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I243 Page-Dumroese 
3 Oehme, Frederick Herman  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
4 Oehme, Frederick Herman  5 Jun 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
5 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
6 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  5 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
7 Linhart, Charles Leo  12 Sep 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2660 Page-Dumroese 
8 Kraft, Arthur Louis  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I229 Page-Dumroese 
9 Kraft, Arthur Louis  6 Jun 1916Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I229 Page-Dumroese 
10 Dumroese, Wilhelm August Hermann  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I46 Page-Dumroese 
11 Dumroese, Wilhelm August Hermann  5 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I46 Page-Dumroese 
12 Dumroese, Otto Heinrich Carl  12 Sep 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I47 Page-Dumroese 
13 Dumroese, Harry Emil  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1077 Page-Dumroese 
14 Dumroese, Harry Emil  5 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I1077 Page-Dumroese 
15 Dumroese, Ernest Julius Karl  5 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I26 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, Albert J.H.  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2355 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mroch, Ferdinand  1888Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
2 Kubbernuss, Ludwig Joachim Friederich Wilhelm  18 Oct 1884Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I226 Page-Dumroese 
3 Dumroese, Caroline Wilhelmina  1888Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I35 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Troike, William Albert  1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I243 Page-Dumroese 
2 Troike, Hermann  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2357 Page-Dumroese 
3 Schourek, Edward  1922Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I59 Page-Dumroese 
4 Redlin, Frieda  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2767 Page-Dumroese 
5 Oehme, Herman G.  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2663 Page-Dumroese 
6 Oehme, Frederick Herman  1918–1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
7 Oehme, Frederick Herman  1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2677 Page-Dumroese 
8 Mroch, Otto Karl August  1911Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I100 Page-Dumroese 
9 Mroch, Otto Karl August  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I100 Page-Dumroese 
10 Mroch, Martha Alwina  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I105 Page-Dumroese 
11 Mroch, Hulda  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I104 Page-Dumroese 
12 Mroch, Ferdinand  1937Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
13 Mroch, Ferdinand  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
14 Mroch, Ferdinand  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I41 Page-Dumroese 
15 Mroch, Elsie Henriette Adeline  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I103 Page-Dumroese 
16 Mroch, Augusta  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I101 Page-Dumroese 
17 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
18 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
19 Mroch, Arthur Adolph Wilhelm  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I108 Page-Dumroese 
20 Michael, Edward  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I58 Page-Dumroese 
21 Linhart, Charles Leo  14 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2660 Page-Dumroese 
22 Linhart, Charles  1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2682 Page-Dumroese 
23 Kressmann, Frank Robert  1937Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I52 Page-Dumroese 
24 Dumroese, Wilhelm Hermann August  1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I65 Page-Dumroese 
25 Dumroese, Karl  1887Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I34 Page-Dumroese 
26 Dumroese, Karl  1881Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I34 Page-Dumroese 
27 Abraham, John Emanuel  1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I993 Page-Dumroese 
28 Abraham, John Emanuel  1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I993 Page-Dumroese 
29 Abraham, John Emanuel  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I993 Page-Dumroese 
30 Abraham, Albert J.H.  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I2355 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dumroese, Wilhelm Hermann August  1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I65 Page-Dumroese 
2 Dumroese, Edward W.  1930Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I30 Page-Dumroese 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Retired    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dumroese, Edward W.  Aug 1928Chicago, Cook County, Illinois I30 Page-Dumroese 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mroch / Reppin  23 Nov 1912Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F972 Page-Dumroese 
2 Mroch / Dumroese  4 Nov 1882Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F16 Page-Dumroese 
3 Loescher / Dumroese  10 Jul 1886Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F15 Page-Dumroese 
4 Kraft / Kickman  28 Jul 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F361 Page-Dumroese 
5 Kempf / Dumroese  26 Sep 1891Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F17 Page-Dumroese 
6 Hardtke / Mroch  25 Sep 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F42 Page-Dumroese 
7 Guentzburger / Redlin  29 Nov 1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F997 Page-Dumroese 
8 Edwards / Kraft  26 Jul 1925Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F87 Page-Dumroese 
9 Dumroese / Kraft  15 Jun 1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F11 Page-Dumroese 
10 Abraham / Mesenbrink  16 Aug 1874Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F868 Page-Dumroese 
11 Abraham / Kubbernuss  Abt 15 Aug 1899Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F362 Page-Dumroese 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 Troike / Kraft  1918Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F92 Page-Dumroese 
2 Troike / Kraft  1917Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F92 Page-Dumroese 
3 Troike / Arndt  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F869 Page-Dumroese 
4 Michael / Dumroese  11 Mar 1920Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F25 Page-Dumroese 
5 Kraft / Kubbernuss  1896Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F84 Page-Dumroese 
6 Kempf / Dumroese  1896Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F32 Page-Dumroese 
7 Dumroese / Chill  1896Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F18 Page-Dumroese 
8 Dumroese / Boldt  1887Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F14 Page-Dumroese 
9 Domrese /   1942Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F31 Page-Dumroese 
10 Abraham / Kubbernuss  1910Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F362 Page-Dumroese 
11 Abraham / Kubbernuss  1900Chicago, Cook County, Illinois F362 Page-Dumroese