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Martha (Prince) Page - 1858 - 1935

I cannot trace Martha Prince much earlier than her 1877 marriage to William Alvis Page. In the 1870 US Census, a Martha Prince appears in the household of Dr. Asa Payne, in District 2, Clinton County, Kentucky. This is probably our Martha, born in 1856 (14 years old on the census) in Tennessee (her death certificate shows her birth date as 1858). Curiously, in the same census, I found a John W. Prince, born 1860 in Tennessee, living with the Eldridge Family in Clinton County, and a Matilda Prince, born in 1854 in Tennessee, living with the Beck Family, also in Clinton County. Were these three Prince's orphaned siblings? Unfortunately, I cannot find them in the 1860 census. The 1880 census indicates both Martha's parents were born in Tennessee.
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Henry McKinney (died 1836) and spouse

Henry McKinney is an interesting dead-end. The McKinney's are easy to trace until I get to Henry... and his wife. Many folks make the connection that this Henry happens to be a descendant of Mordecai McKinney. If true, then this line can be extended well back to Scotland. I haven't found any data to confirm this (nor have many McKinney experts). It would be great to know more about this Henry, and who his wife was.
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John Robert Page (1834-1877)

John Page served in the Civil War. His wife made claim for his service pension, and in the declarations she made, one indicated that John Page was "alias Dickens." I currently show Weston Page as John's father because John can first be identified on the 1850 census in Weston Page's home. In that census, however, Weston's wife is Elizabeth (nee York) born about 1823, which would make her too young to be John Robert's mother. Was John really born a "Dickens"? To a first wife that had died? Or, was he adopted by Weston? It would be nice to know this story..... In early April 2012, Jerry Cash, Deb's third cousin, writes: "In regards to the Dicken alias, my cousin Tony Page tells me that his father John Smith Page (who was the eldest son of Caleb Alfred Page) indicated in family notes he left that Weston Page married Mary Ann Dicken and they had a son named John Robert Page who was nicknamed Dicken because of his mother's maiden name." Again, some confirmation would be great!
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 Mystery Photos

Mystery 1

Klooster? Werkman?
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Mystery 2

Klooster? Werkman?
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