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For more than 30 years, I have accumulated a lot of good stuff: stories, names, dates, photos, newspaper clippings, records, and more. Starting in late 2010, my plan is to upload as much of that good stuff as possible so you can access it, read it, share it, and correct it. Be patient and check back often to see the progress. I tend to be a historian, trying to place family members within historical context, rather than merely collecting names and dates. Check out the family histories (click on the surnames underlined below) to see how our families fit in. You can help this site by sending me information I'm missing, or correcting erroneous data.

On my paternal side, my focus is on the DUMROESE, KRAFT and KUBBERNUS families. These families emigrated from Pommerania, Prussia (Dumroese) and Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Kraft and Kubbernuss) between 1875 and 1885 to southwestern Michigan and Chicago. On my maternal side, it's the KASTEN and HILL families; they emigrated from Mecklenburg-Schwerin around 1885 to Stephenson County, Illinois. My HUBER and ZIEGLER families emigrated from the Lower Palatinate region (Pfalz) around 1832 to Cincinnati and southeastern Indiana.

On Deb's maternal side, my focus is on the SMITTER and WERKMAN families that emigrated from Groningen, The Netherlands between 1880 and 1904 to central Michigan. Deb's paternal side has the longest roots in the U.S. The PAGE, BUTTS, RADFORD, McKINNEY, RUSTIN, and CURRY and JOHNSTON families can be traced to the late 1700s or earlier, generally migrating from Virginia through Kentucky to Missouri and beyond.


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