genealogy of the Page & Dumroese families
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4) Denise Hogue Hoff  Female
Carlinville, IL
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013 17:31 Host: Write a comment

I have been working on the Hoff line since our marriage in 1978. I am very interested in the photos of the St.Jacobs/Blue Creek Church. We visited there in the early 1990's, but only took pix of headstones of Michael Hoff and his family, and the Yackle and Brose families.
Love your site!!!
3) Michael Page  Male
Indianapolis, IN
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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 10:50 Host: Write a comment

Hello, my father was the late John Smith Page and my grandfather was Caleb Alfred Page. Caleb was the brother of Vela Gibson Page. I have only recently begun the process of tracing my family tree. I have been able to trace the Page side back to Weston Page. We have some family records showing that Weston's father was Robert Page. However, we don't have any information about Weston's mother. I am very excited that you have done so much research about the Page family. Thank you!
2) Linda  Female
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Thursday, 15 March 2012 17:26 Host: Write a comment

Hi, Thank-you for the great Ziegler information - I'm not sure I would have found that Henry was the immigrant if you hadn't put it here for me to find. I am researching for an acquaintance, and whilst Ziegler is her immediate family name, her ancestors who were here for the American Revolution are the ones I'm focusing on. That said, I like to put families into context, historically speaking, so her Ziegler's were interesting for me to look into. To that end, I have collected various materials from, which I will share with you if you'd like. They are primarily census images thus far. And thank-you for allowing researchers such as myself to use the information you have collected.

My regards,

1) Gene Wheeler  Male
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Sunday, 14 November 2010 10:35 IP: Write a comment

I really like the new look of your web site! TNG is an excellent tool for displaying your research efforts.
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